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Green Clean Pros uses a low moisture, bonnet cleaning method. Our fresh approach to carpet

cleaning provides you with a natural, green experience. Leaving your home much healthier and

safer for children and pets. Our service will truly extend the life of your carpet.


Upon arrival at your home, the technician(s) will perform a thorough pre

walk-through. They will look for any pre existing conditions and troubled

areas including: stains, high traffic dirt and damage. This allows us to

properly set the expectations for the service.




We perform a simple yet effective process:

(Depending on the condition of the carpet, additional steps may be necessary.)


                      1.  The technician will spray our non-toxic cleaning solution throughout the entire

                           surface of the carpet and spot treat, paying special attention to any previously

                           noted areas of concern.



                      2.  Dirt is then extracted from the carpet using the power of our environmentally friendly

                           cleaning solution combined with our floor scrubbers and bonnet extraction method.


                                                                   The active, yet safe, ingredients in our solution actually emulsify the dirt in the

                                                                   carpet fibers and lift it to the surface.

                                                                   We use enough moisture to clean down to the bottom of the carpet fibers but not

                                                                   so much that the padding gets soaked and damaged. Because of our unique                                                                                method of cleaning, the carpet is 85% dry to the touch by the time the technician

                                                                   is finished.



                                                                   3.   The final step is to revitalize the carpet which leaves it fluffy and soft to the                                                                                touch (once dry) with an even flowing pattern.





                                                                   Upon completion, the technician will ask you to perform a thorough walk-through                                                                      of the entire home to ensure you are satisfied and address any questions or                                                                                concerns.



Please review our FAQs for additional information.

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