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We at Green Clean Pros respect the privacy of our visitors and are committed to preserving your online safety by preserving your privacy at any time you visit or communicate with our site or company. 

Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy offers you a complete explanation regarding your personal information provided to us or any information we may collect from you.

1. Collected Online Information

Information can be collected and processed during the operations of our website. The following are ways we may perform these actions:

1.1 Information regarding your visit(s) to our site. The following is included and not limited to: geographic data, weblogs, web traffic data, and any other forms of communication information.

1.2 Any forms you filled out on our site allows us to collect information.

1.3 If you communicate with our personnel or site we may collect information.

2. Cookie Usage

There are instances where we may use cookies to gather information regarding our services for our website and our advertisers. Any information collected contains no identifying data. This is just statistical data about our visitors and how they have browsed our site. The information by the cookie helps us improve our website and our service offered to you.

Your browser can decline cookies. You can do this by setting your browser options to decline all cookies. If you do decline the download of cookies, it may effect how our site and other sites work on your browser.

3. Our Use of Your Information

Information stored or collected regarding you helps us improve and offer services you need. The following list contains how we might use your information:

3.1 Any request you make of our site allows us to use information you provided us with, relating to the products or services we have.

3.2 Contract Commitments: To meet any Commitment we make to you.

3.3 Changes or Improvements made to our site to improve its usability.

3.4 An existing customer may be contacted regarding services previously you paid or inquired for on our site.

3.5 Any new customer can only be contacted by us if consent has been given through our site. We only send communications you have consented to.

3.6 Any customer who does not wish to give consent for our site has the opportunity to decline. Once we receive your withhold for consent we will remove your details from any mailings.

3.7 None of the information collected about you on our site will contain identifiable characteristics.

4. Information Disclosure

4.1 At any time when we are legally required to we may disclose information about you and your visits to our sites.

4.2 To prevent fraud and help in fraud protection in order to reduce credit risk, we may disclose information.

5. Information Accessibility

We will not withhold information we collect about you. If you wish to have access about our information on you can request to have the information sent the data to you. Please use the contact number below to send us request.

6. Contacting Us

Please feel free to contact us with with any comments you may have about our Privacy Policy. Send your comments to:

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