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Let Green Clean Pros help extend the life of your furniture. We understand it is is an investment that brings great comfort in your home. Whether your whole family gathers on the sofa to enjoy a movie and some popcorn! Or you lay your head down and melt into your bed after a long day,


Soiled furniture also negatively effects inside air quality.

Eliminating all the dust and pollutants that settle into crevices 

will greatly improve allergies and sensitivities.


Our cleaning process is very gentle but highly effective at

sanitizing and refreshing. There are thousands of tiny

                                                                       effervescent cleaning

                                                                       bubbles in our solution. These natural carbonation bubbles                                                                          penetrate deep into the fibers to loosen and lift embedded                                                                          dirt and dust. We then use a powerful, yet gentle, hot water                                                                          extraction method to lift the soil particles to the surface                                                                              where they are removed. 

                                                                       Not only is our cleaning solution chemical free but it                                                                                      contains no soaps or detergents. Therefore, it will not leave                                                                        behind any  dirt-attracting, sticky residue. Your furniture                                                                              will stay cleaner, longer!

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