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With hard floor surfaces it's especially hard to keep dirt and scuff marks off. Green Clean Pros is your natural answer.


Our process consists of scrubbing the floor with a slow-speed buffer. We use a lemon degreaser to break down dirt, build up and thoroughly deep clean the floor. We then remove the dirt and grime with a wet-dry vacuuming process. The final step is to seal the surface of the floor with a protective, topical finish.


Green Clean Pros' finish also protects your flooring from moisture and harsh weather conditions, as well as the traffic from everyday wear and tear.

Due to the pourous nature of grout, it stains very easily. Although a professional deep cleaning will blast away nasty dirt and grime, grout lines may be permanatly discolored due to build of over time. If you want to completely restore the grout lines, Green Clean Pros also offers an advanced grout cleaning service. This service consists of color sealing each individual grout line by hand to ensure a uniform color throughout. You can select from a range of colors, wether you want to match the original grout color or update to a new look. 

How to Prepare for your Floor Cleaning Appointment

        1. Prior to our arrival, please remove ALL furniture and items from the surface of the floors 

            being cleaned to another area of the home. (This includes disconnecting any electrical

            cords/cables and positioning drapery to prevent it from touching the floor.)

        2. Thoroughly sweep up all loose dirt and debris.


             We will clean all exposed areas so it is important to clear the entire  floor surface before our arrival. Our

              technicians do not move furniture, unless previously arranged upon scheduling at an additional cost.

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