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The Heart of the Home

Let's start with the heart of most homes, the kitchen. Sure, we regularly wash the dishes, wipe down counters and sweep up crumbs. And sometimes it feels like a never ending task. Today we will share our method to deep clean your kitchen efficiently so you have a fresh start to setup your routine.

Check out our master list to tackle most areas of the kitchen. Short on time? We suggest breaking the sections down into manageble areas to fit your schedule.

1. Declutter

Go around the kitchen and place EVERYTHING that doesn't belong in a bin to put away later. (Stay tuned for our weekly organization tips where we will share how to transform your "junk drawer." )

Throw out all trash, place dirty dishes in sink, clear all items/appliances from countertops. Either put away in cupboards or place on the dining table temporarily while you clean up.

2. Dust &